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Moon Dust & Magik

I cant believe it’s been 4 months since I’ve posted anything. Although I’ve been a little quiet with my website, I’ve been pretty busy in my day to day life.  I picked up quite a few hours on my work schedule as well as working with a friend on a new business venture.

Moon Dust & Magik is the outcome of two women who share a love for creativity coming together to combine their skills and create beautiful hand made objects for people.

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Wood Burning, resin casting and several different craft projects keep us busy.  Next weekend I am attending my first event as a vendor.  We will be setting up a table to display our creations to the public.  A few sales would be wonderful, but the experience and exposure it will give us will be worth it, sales or not.

It’s been really nice expanding my creativity into other things beside writing and graphic manipulation. I really found that I love the wood burning and crafting with resin. From casting molds and doing art pours to using the resin as a finishing touch on my wood burned pieces- I am loving branching into other creative fields.

It”s been a true blessing finding a friend that is creative like me and willing to partner up on this adventure. Two heads are always better than one.

I have still been writing and will try to get some more new poems posted soon. Things are great on the home front. Kids are doing great, money is flowing in, bills are being paid and a family vacation is in the works for July. Life is pretty darn sweet at the moment. Sure we have little bumps in the road but we make it over everyone.

On that note, I’m off of here for now. I have some other things I want to post about but they are too off topic for this particular post and deserving of their own.  I hope to see any local supporters at the Dark Bazaar this weekend in New Albany Indiana. Check our facebook page above for details.  Till next time my loves, may many blessings find their way to you.

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