Life As Is

Life, The Good & The Ugly

It's Tea Time!

Come on in and grab your favorite drink, for me… It’s tea. I love all kinds of tea… hot, cold, unsweet, sweet – my favorite is sweet orange pekoe tea.

So, got your drink? All comfy and ready to do a little reading?  Lets go!

I’m gonna start off by saying for the most part life has been absolutely amazing!  Goals are being accomplished, finances have increased and stabalized, the kids are doing great in school and I just launched LMS Creations as a legit business.

It is now LMS Creations, LLC.  I also have an assumed business name registered under Moon Dust & Magik.

All the paper work is in order and everything is legit.  Sure there is a little fear that goes with starting a business… The IRS can be a scary entity to take on.  I’ve been doing plenty of research into business ethics, laws and taxes so that I am more confident and prepared in this new adventure.

Besides the hustle and bustle of launching a new business and creating things for said business – I’ve been working my regular job. Bossman is a great employer and I’ve become almost a “Personal assistant” of sorts.  I have keys and alarm codes to most of his stores and I sit in on a lot of meetings to take notes and aid communication. 

On a personal note things have been going good. I’m headed out of town this weekend for a little “me” break.  I’ll be hitting the beach in search of more hag stones that I use in the crafting I do for Moon Dust & Magik. It’s also a great time to see all the ones I love and miss that still live there.

I’ve cut ties with my brother Rich. ( this is the Ugly part in the title) – I haven’t spoke much about it here on my site so I guess it’s about time.  He didn’t like what I had to say about him not being there for our mom. Yes, our mom has issues that have manifested since having her brain surgery but while we were kids and growing up, she was 100% our family rock. She did whatever she needed to make sure us kids had what we needed – to have her son abandon her so completely is sickening. I wouldn’t delete a social media post calling him out so he decided to be a disgusting human and call CPS on me for “Mental issues and drug problem”.  Thank goodness CPS saw through the bullshit when they came out to do their investigation.  Anyone who brings kids into adult issues is a low class, disgusting human. My kids are well cared for, well loved and have been though enough without my disgruntled family members trying to bring more drama to their doorstep.

Since then his wife has constantly monitored my social media (Though I have her blocked) and has made several videos talking shit about me and trying to demean my character.  It’s laughable because this woman truly has no idea who I really am. We haven’t interacted more than a handful of times and even less than that in person. Her judgements and assumptions about me just show her own true issues and character flaws. In the last video she tried to twist my words to make it sound like I wanted my brother as something other than a brother …. talk about someone who is sick and has issues. That’s just gross and disturbing that she could twist it like that in her own head.

So that’s been Life lately – The Good and The Ugly.  The Good far outweighs the Ugly and I really am truly blessed to have all the things going for me that I do. Leaving behind the relationship with my brother was easy once I saw his true manipulative colors.  I have 2 brothers and a father – all are gross men that have shown me exactly how true and honorable men Do Not act.  Thank Goodness I have men in my life that can uphold what it truly means to be a man, husband, brother, father, and friend. Family is what you make it, not the blood you share.

On that note, I’m off of here. Have some work to finish and clothes to pack. Have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow.

I’ll be tying to post a little more often – now that I launched LMS Creations, LLC –  I want to get back into regular updates and writing.  Between this site, creating things for Moon Dust & Magik, Being a house wife and mom, working a regular job and doing research on the side – I am one busy woman! I wouldn’t trade it for the world though – I am living the life I always wanted.


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