Symphony of Seduction

If you listen close enough you just may hear…

The pounding of my heart

as it tries to beat thru my chest just to reach you.


It’s like wave after wave

of wanting and ecstasy

pounding the shores of beaches

I have yet to explore.

Each a roar of passion,

the vibrations shifting the sand –

Never to be the same again.

The sound of unspoken fantasies and midnight desires.

Whispers upon the breath of a lovers lips

that only lead to thunderous climaxes,

shaking the foundations of my soul.


Moans of pleasure

being coaxed out of hiding

– soft and delicate –

then a crescendo

into a symphony

that rivals the classics

that have stunned the world.


You are my muse,

my whispers of fire and ice,

and I long to feel your hands

strumming my strings,

creating a tune

that can only be sung for you.


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