Quiet Place

I’ll meet you in that quiet place.
A place reserved just for you,
between my head and heart,
in the deepest parts of my soul.
Where time stops with breath held,
lingering in between yesterday and tomorrow.
There you are mine,
without regret, fear or damnation
and I am yours
without hesitation or reservations.
A place of fantasies and day dreams
where untamed hearts roam free.
You can be you and I can be me.
I’ll meet you there in that quiet place,
we can escape the loud together,
Watching the night stars twinkle
their promises of forever into the vast darkness.
Lay with me there
in the comfort of one another
as we rest our weary souls
and let our demons
play amongst the shadows.
I’ll meet you there …
in that quiet place,
and eternity shall stretch before us.
Unreachable to any who follow,
but you my love…
would you meet me there?
And perhaps
I can be your quiet place as well.


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