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Little Update

The last couple of months have gone by in a whirl wind. Thanksgiving has come and gone and now the darkest night of the year approaches. Christmas is just around the corner and I’ve been working 50 hour weeks.  Doesn’t leave much time for anything else.  I also just had a wrist surgery just a few weeks ago that I am still trying to heal and recover from, which means I haven’t been making too much new stuff for the business.


Turns out I have something called Kienbocks Disease, also known as Avascular Necrosis. It’s a rare condition where for some reason the Lunate bone of the wrist does not receive the proper blood supply and the bone begins to die.  Often times the pain is misdiagnosed at first as carpal tunnel or arthritis.  I will probably make a post just about Kienbocks and my own journey with it soon so stay tuned.


We have received a couple of wonderful blessings in the last few weeks. I was so very touched by one of them, I was moved to tears. Life definitely has it’s ups and downs but being able to recognize blessings and see the good outweighing the bad is an amazing and wonderful thing.  My heart and soul are full of gratitude.


Keep an eye out for new poetry posted soon. I am also working on a couple of books. Another poetry book and a book based around my life and experiences.  Lots of good things in the works.


I hope everyone has a blessed holiday season, regardless of how you celebrate. Till next time.

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