Prompt: Write a poem to past present and future self
Walk in a room and there I see
A mirror broken, split in three
Each a piece now on its own
With a different reflection to be shown.
A creative girl with fire inside
Struggles with the secrets that families hide
Dark and dreary behind the sun
She’s faced evil when her life was young.
Years were bleak but she found a way
To speak her truth and have her say.
A passionate woman with stories to tell,
She’s witnessed heaven and faced down hell
A servants heart and spirit bold
She doesn’t always do as she’s told.
Love inside that radiates out
Find the meaning of what life’s about
A wise old woman, a life complete
Reflections of the past are bittersweet.
A lifetime of love, joy and laughter,
She’s ready to see what will come after.
A sparkle in her eye for she surely knows
All the secrets that this mirror shows.
Looking in the mirror there I see,
Each piece that reflects back at me
Holds a story, a fraction of my soul
Each unique but but crucial to the whole.

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