Five Senses

There are times when I see your smile
That everything stops for just a while
The earth stops spinning and time stands still
It warms my soul and always will

There are times when I hear your laughter
my problems dissolve and nothing else matters
My soul soars high upon the sound
And for the moment happiness is found

There are times when the taste of your lips
Speeds my heart and makes it skip
Making me ache and yearn for more
Fulfill the fantasies we could explore.

There are times when I feel your touch
Desire and passion, it’s such a rush
All common sense ceases to be
And all I know is It’s you and me.

There are times I smell your cologne
And it seems familiar, like I’ve come home.
Free to explore my passion and desire
For I know your strength can handle my fire.

All five senses are enamored with you
And the little things that you do
Touch, taste, smell, see and hear
Nothing else matters whenever you’re near.

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