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I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since my last “journal” type of entry!!  Lots has been going on over the past few seasons and I’ve been focusing mostly on work and home life. I’ve even stepped back from the business for awhile. Time sure does fly right by. Grab your favorite beverage and lets see what’s been going on in life.


My last journal type of post mentioned the PCR surgery I had on my wrist. I’ve healed quite well over the last year. My range of motion is still quite limited but the constant daily pain I had is gone. I still wear my brace occasionally for extra support and strength. It’s my dominant hand so I’m taking my time and trying to regain strength and stamina in it before I pick up wood burning again. I really enjoyed it and look forward to getting back into it.

This year threw me through a couple of loops. I was involved in two vehicle accidents within just a couple months of each other. 

In the first accident I was rear ended when I had to come to a quick stop on the highway due to a traffic jam, however; The person behind me wasn’t able to stop. They rear ended me and pushed my car up into the car stopped in front of me. Thankfully there were no life threatening injuries (kids were with me) and the car was still drive-able. This first accident shook me pretty good though and sent me to the chiropractor.

While waiting to get our Kia in for repairs due to the rear ending – I was taking another trip on the highway with my mom when a car in the lane next to me ran me off the road.  I lost control of the car. After fighting to regain control of the car and swerving all over God’s creation – It ended with us smashing sideways into the cable guard railing. The car that ran me off the road didn’t even stop.  Luckily, I had a witness that stopped and gave statement to what happened. We did have a hospital visit during that accident and our Kia was a total loss.  At least we had our lives.
Honestly it was one of the scariest situations I’ve ever experienced in my life, and we are still dealing with the aftermath.


In other semi-news worthy life happenings … I am still not in communication with either of my “brothers” or my father.  I haven’t wanted any sort of communication from any of them in a long time.  2 years ago, the brother I was closest to got mad over a facebook post I made and tried to report me to CPS for bullshit reasons. It was a manipulation tattic on his end and made me realize how disgusting of a human he truly is.

2 years ago I cut off communication and told him to stay away from me and my family.  He has tried several times since to … I don’t know… reach out I guess? Not by calling or actually trying to communicate with me personally – but by sending me things through the mail. Of course these things are rejected.  I want nothing to do with him. 
IF he were to actually call me somehow or reach out personally in some way to actually communicate — I may listen to what he has to say but honestly he crossed a line that is really hard to uncross by trying to involve my kiddos. There’s talk of it in my blog post Life: The Good & The Ugly if you’d like to read more about what happened. I got a generic non-personal holiday card from “him” this year and it’s being returned like the last cards received. I don’t understand how someone can do something so awful and then want to exchange holiday cards like nothing happened. Crazy shit right there.


Things are good on the homefront. Kids are doing great in school. It’s amazing watching them grow and blossom into their own individual personalities.  Our unique family situation has brought on it’s own unique challenges but we face them head on together with love and understanding.  Bub is 7 now and Sis turned 10 in August. They grow so fast.

I’ve been working and still writing when the mood hits. I haven’t uploaded all me newest work here yet but perhaps I’ll get some posted over the next few days. I really need to get back into giving my website some TLC.  I want to change the look just a bit. Try to keep things updated and fresh a bit more.  It’s crazy to look at other sites and be like “dang, my site looks alot better than that”. Makes me feel proud of LoLoMarieS and the fact that I edit the code myself as well as custom make the design and layout graphics.  Thank you to everyone who has always supported my sites now and back when I first started my own site 20 years ago. It’s been a beautiful journey.

If you need website help, I’m available. Use the contact button and we can discuss what you need to make a new site or what we can do to make your current site look a little more professional, personalized, coordinated, cohesive and/or appealing.  I promise my rates are better than the big companies.


I hope everyone has a great holiday season. The dark months are here but the return of the sun approaches. I make no promises but I will try to get some new poems and content up soon.  Be well my friends.

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