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It’s that time of year when darkness prevails and we start to prepare for the new coming year.  I’ve been a busy bee over here.  I decided to go ahead and launch my online store: MoonDust & Magik.   Products have been piling up around my home and I need to start selling and moving things so I have room to make more.

I took a long time to decide if I wanted to open a storefront on a pre-built platform like Etsy.  I decided to do it on my own to avoid the extra fees they charge, and the skills I have learned will help add to my growing web design portfolio.


The business end of it will be changing in 2023. I plan on changing from and LLC to an S-corp. I have found a trusted person to advise me in business finance and taxes – and that has given me a lot of relief on the back end of things.  I’m great at a few things but business laws, codes and taxes are not one of them. I look forward to working with them and making sure this business works out for me.

On the home front – things are going well.  I am hoping to move by this time next year, but we will see how things work out.  As a family of 4, with two growing kids, we have outgrown our tiny home. 

I’m still writing poetry and working on a book.  I haven’t made to many new craft items due to limited space.  It’s all in the works though.  It’s something I love to do and I look forward to adding new items to the store. Make sure to check back and see what new things we’ve come up with!  I plan on offering digital downloads soon with prints of my poetry and other graphic creations.

So that’s about it. I’m gonna try to keep new content coming on this site as well as keeping the store fresh and stocked.  If you haven’t joined the newsletter – be sure to do so!  Sales. deals and give aways will be hitting the store soon.

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