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Let’s talk Addiction

Addiction is a family disease,
One person my use but the whole family suffers.

Addiction has impacted my life from pretty much the beginning. Some of my earliest childhood memories include my father being drunk. He was an alcoholic for many years when I was younger. He did eventually get help and stopped drinking but most of the damage to our family unit had been done.

Addiction can affect anyone, anywhere. Age, gender, financial situation, marital status, neighborhood, career, lifestyle – none of that matters when it comes to addiction.

Most people think of “drugs” when you mention addiction. Weather it’s prescription or street – drugs make headlines the most. 
Usually because of deals gone wrong or people over dosing and dying. Tom Jhonson down the street who just lost his house and wife due to a gambling problem isn’t really gonna make the news.

Drugs, Sex, Gambling, Food, Exercise, Gaming, Social Media and many other things can become addictions and bring about harmful behavior.


One of my best friends is currently in prison because of his addictive behavior. I know what it’s like personally to deal with an addict. Recovery, Relapse, Rehab – I’ve seen  it all.

My family was built through addiction.
My children’s mother and father both struggled.  Unfortunately, their father has passed away but their mother continues to struggle in making the right decisions and choices.
I welcomed the kids into my home back in 2016 and the trauma of being removed from their parents took it’s toll. Fortunately they both have received the help needed to overcome what was thrown upon them.

It’s hard to watch someone you love and trust turn into someone you still love but can’t trust and almost don’t even recognize anymore.

An addict will say and do a lot of things they normally wouldn’t when they are in the grasp of active addiction. They will steal, lie, manipulate and cheat to get what they want – what they feel they need.

Withdraw is real and can be very painful to go through.


There is always hope. Recovery does happen. Not always at once or right away. It’s a fight – a constant battle for the addict. Most of the time they have to change their whole environment, patterns and social circles. It takes will and determination. A want to do it for themselves.
Sometimes it can take years of the back and forth behavior before something takes hold and they stay moving forward.

It’s possible.

If you or someone you know suffers from addiction please seek out help and resources local to your area. You are not alone.  Even just talking to someone who has seen what it’s like can help. You are welcome to leave me a message or contact me using the contact page if you’d like to share your own story or ask any questions.

To those who have loved ones that have lost their battle with addiction – my most sincere condolences. It’s heart breaking. May you find what peace and resolution you can, through avocation and spread awareness.


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