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A Year in Review: 2022

It’s that time of year when we reflect on what has come and give hope for what’s still to pass.
Yule and Christmas have come and gone as the New Year approaches.  Families have gathered, Gifts have been exchanged and the hope for a better tomorrow grows with anticipation of a new beginning.

It’s time to take a moment and reflect on 2022.
Give the experiences and memories their moment in the spotlight.

The beginning of 2022 was pretty easy going. We concentrated on ourselves as a family. Stayed pretty quiet and to ourselves for the most part. I took time to heal from my wrist surgery and life ticked by.
In April Bubby turned 7 and was about to finish 1st grade. Sissy was getting ready to finish 2nd grade and summer months loomed ahead.

The end of May caught us by surprise when the kids and I were involved in an accident.
We were traveling north to visit family when traffic came to a sudden stop. I was able to stop in time before rear ending the car in front of me – but unfortunately the car behind me was traveling too close – too fast – and hit me. Him hitting me from behind pushed my car into the back end of the vehicle in front of me.

Thank Goodness there were no life threatening injuries and the car was drive-able. It needed repair but wasn’t totaled.

The fourth of July was a good celebration watching the fireworks on the Ohio River Front. I love the city where we live and being so close to the River. My cousin brought my Mom down to visit at the end of July and stayed for a couple weeks. The kids started back to school – 2nd and 4th grade.

August arrived with my birthday on the 3rd. I was driving my mom back home when we were involved in another accident. This one was a bit worse and one of the scariest things in my life. We were traveling on the highway and run off the road. I talk about this accident in another past post.  Long story short – the car was totaled – mom and I both went to the hospital – but our lives were spared.  Blessings and Trials.


The rest of the year since august has played out pretty smooth. Sis turned 10 in august and we all were waiting for Halloween and the beginning of the Holiday Season.

October came through and the kids loved spooky season. Bub was A marshmellow vampire and sis was a ninja. 
Memories of my brothers betrayal from 2 years ago surfaced in those wonderful facebook memories. It’s still wild to me that someone I thought I could trust would try to use my kids as a pawn to try an manipulate me. 
I’ve already posted about that though so we’ll just keep it going.

Thanksgiving wasn’t too exciting – we wanted to go visit family but had some vehicle trouble. We stayed home and were grateful for the things, family and love we had in our lives.

December brought the husbands 50th birthday and the arrival of our first Grandchild. She is the cutest little thing and we are proud of our oldest daughter.

It also brought an unexpected card from my brother followed by gifts for my kids. I don’t want any thing from him and have told him this multiple times.  Our relationship is broken and there’s no material item available to fix it. 

I was going to return the card but never got around to it.  The gifts were donated to some children in need.  I didn’t give them to my kids like he intended because he literally threatened my kids with child protection services – why in the would would I let him give them gifts? No thank you.

I can’t believe it was “for the kids” because if he really cared he wouldn’t have involved them in an adult issue and threaten the only stability they have to begin with. Especially knowing what they had already been though.
Children somewhere enjoyed the gifts so in the end they weren’t wasted and were put towards a good deed.


So here we are – 2023 approaches. This New Year’s Eve I am going out with a friend to a Motor Cycle Club Party. Tickets have been purchased and are waiting…
I’m pretty excited as it will be the first time going out to a public party on New Years since I’ve been married.  My girl and I plan on having a whole lot of fun. Plenty of dancing, laughter and good times ahead!

This last year has had it’s share of ups and downs. A few firsts and some memories that will last a lifetime. Laughter, tears and lots of love.

I’m not sure what the new year will bring but I do know what my goals and plans are.  Growth is ahead – a move is in our future and overall bettering of our family, as individuals and as a whole.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in various ways over this last year.

We just paid the bill for year 4 of this domain. LoloMarieS isn’t going anywhere!  New content coming and new products in the store soon!

May you all be blessed in the new year and find the happiness in even the smallest of things.


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