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Creativity & Me : 2023

Welcome to the New Year!
2023 is under way and we are already headed in the right direction – forward!

I reviewed 2022 in another post – you can find that Here . Now it’s time to move forward with new hopes, goals and motivations.

No New Years Resolutions over here – just a desire to better myself, my family and the environment around me. I do have a few goals in mind to improve our family life as well as several hopes for my business and website.

I plan on developing my creativity even further this year. I’m hoping to create something every week. Anything from poetry, painting, wood burning, blog posts … anything that fills that creative desire that is such a part of who I am.

I’m already off to a good start as I’ve already done a new painting, a new poem and a new wood burned piece since the 1st of the year. It’s the first wood burned piece I’ve done since I had wrist surgery.

I really do enjoy painting and hope to get into it a bit more this year.  I’m also planing on getting back into casting resin and making dream catchers.

A pyrography tool and a floral model.

My desire to create has always been a part of who I am. I discovered my love of writing poetry in 7th grade and have always had a fondness for literature and the arts.  Selling my creations gives me motivation to keep going as well as the honor of knowing someone else finds what I make worthy. I take pride in my creations and a little part of me goes into everything I make.

Be sure to check out the store Moon Dust & Magik – it’s where I post my creations for sale – as well as some creations from really close friends. You can find Poetry Prints, Trays, Paintings, Wood Burnings, and lots of other things. It’s my Unique Boutique and I’m proud of it.

I’m ready to dive into this year – triumph over any challenges and enjoy the successes.  I will always have my creativity to fall back on – my outlet – my go to. I’m looking forward to developing it further and seeing where it takes me.

Stay tuned – 2023 is just getting started!

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