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February: A Month of Love

February is here and with that comes paper heart, roses, boxes of chocolates and confessions of love. Although Valentine’s Day is a complete “Hallmark” holiday now a days – it’s fun to get in on the extra sharing of love.

Valentine’s is a week away and so today I bring you some of my favorite “Love” themed things. Books, Movies, Songs…
Perfect things to set the mood and feel the love.

Let’s start with Books. I love to read. Horror is my favorite genre but I have definitely read my share of romance. Here are 3 of my favorite romance novels. Click on the title to read what the book is about and a picture of the cover.


When an antique bridal quilt appears under mysterious circumstances at the vintage clothing shop where Rachel Grant works, she is fascinated. She has never been able to resist handmade textiles from the past, for she believes that through the ages, women wove protective magic into their fabrics in order to mark the important events of their lives: birth, marriage, and death.

But there is more than good in the quilt’s magic power. Day by day Rachel sees and feels the power growing, as she senses the quilt influencing her thoughts and actions. Much as Rachel’s logical mind longs to deny the supernatural, the aura of evil coming from the quilt is terrifyingly real, and it seems to carry a sinister legacy into the lives of the people Rachel loves.

She was a fiery hellcat who could shoot like a man, a ravishing temptress with the courage to search the wilderness for her missing brother. But Malvina was only a woman with a woman’s needs and desires. And from the moment Red Wing swept her up on his charging stallion, she was torn between family duty and heavenly pleasure.

A mighty Choctaw warrior, Red Wing ws tantalized by the blistering sensuality of the sultry, flame-haired vixen. But it would take more than his heated caresses to make Malvina his own. Only with a love as pure as her radiant beauty could he hope to claim her heart, to win her trust, to tame her…


A good romantic movie is always good during this month of love. Below are 3 of my favorite movies about love. Clicking on the title will open a trailer for the movie.


Now let’s move on to music.
Music is always great for setting the mood or expressing your feelings. Sometimes we can’t find the perfect words to say, but a song can say it all.
Here are 3 love songs that I have always connected with.

So there you have it. Books, movies and music all based around love and romance.  It’s February – you don’t have to have a significant other to celebrate the love. Self care is love – and our relationships with our friends and family are full of love as well.

We share the love in my house year around but it’s fun  to put in a little extra effort and soak up all the feel good vibes.

Hope you all are blessed and find the love somewhere this Valentine’s season.  If you need it, I’ll send some love your way myself – just drop a message or a comment. I’ve got plenty to share.

Take care loves – till next time.

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