Life As Is

Summer Begins

The sun has come out in full force and the Summer Solstice is tomorrow. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I’ve been a busy bee none the less.

Work has alot of my attention as does taking care of the family. Both kids just finished school with Sister graduating elementary school. She goes into middle school next year. She ended on a great note with all A’s and even an A+ in math. I’m pretty proud of her. Bubby goes into 3rd grade and is improving at his own pace. Both kids give me plenty of reasons to be a proud mama.

I’ve been true to being creative this year. I’ve started to create a hand made poetry book to hand down. I’m creating pages scrapbook style and trying to incorporate little interactive touches like pockets and flip out pages. I am loving how it is turning out so far.
I’ve also picked up a few pen-pals. I enjoy exchanging “snail mail” and making fun little scrapbook style things to include. Bookmarks, quote cards, stickers ect…  I look forward to the building of new friendships in this way.

I’ve also stumbled onto “Black Out” Poetry.  If you aren’t familiar with what black out poetry is – it’s where you take a page from an existing text and find your own poem within it – then blackout out the unused text from the page. Here’s an example – it’s the first one I ever did:


It reads:
The writer has time for books
The vibrant pages, the sentiment of the inspired poet
Uttereth knowledge through
The invisible mortal eye.

I’ll try to get a few others posted in my poetry section. I know I’ve been neglecting my website quite a bit. I still enjoy it but find in my spare time I’m doing more “hands on” work versus digital. Working on my book and working on different crafting techniques.
I have been thinking of different digital downloads I can offer for sale – different printables and such. We’ll see what the future holds.

Follow me on social media for more frequent updates – either my personal or “Creativity Unleashed” facebook pages – I post my little projects there most often.

I hope you are all doing well and I still appreciate the visits to my site and support that is shown to me in various ways. I know you don’t always comment but google analytics helps me see my reach. Every view helps drive more traffic and helps the algorithm.  If you ever have a question, idea for a poem/post or just want to say hello – feel free to leave a comment!

Till next time Loves – Stay Creative.

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